Setup new asterisk server through SimpleTrunk

In this article, I will demonstrate the required steps to configure new asterisk server.


  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Asterisk version 13 installed
  • SimpleTrunk
  • goagent running in the same server

If you do not have simpleTrunk and goagent, you can use nano, but you should have access to the server with sudo privileges.

First, you will have to add the asterisk server to simpleTrunk

In simpleTrunk home page, click insert new pbx, and you will be redirected to the below page:

Enter the above parameters where:

  • Title is the name will appear in the simpleTrunk list
  • Config file name is the name of the .stc file
  • Agent URL is the URL of the goagent web service

Then choose username and password for AMI (remember them, because we will need them later)

Then click on the add button.

In the main page, you will now see the new asterisk server, click on it.

From the main menu, choose Files, then from the sub menu choose All Files

First we will configure manager.conf file:

Add the following lines:

webenabled = yes


secret = secret



read = system, call,log, verbose, command, agent,user, config, command, dtmf, reporting,cdr,dialplan,originate

write = system,call,log, verbose, command, agent, user, config, command, dtmf, reporting, cdr, dialplan, originate

writetimeout = 5000

where user is the AMI user, and secret is the AMI password

In the above image, the name between the [] is the AMI username that you chose previously, and the secret ins the AMI password.

Save the file and go to All Files.

You can also change the above file through server using nano, the file is:


Next, we will go to http.conf (/etc/asterisk/http.conf)

Add/uncomment the following lines: (make sure to add them under the [general] context)





Save and exit.

Next, go to sip.conf (/etc/asterisk/sip.conf)

Change the option “tcpenable=no” to “tcpenable=yes” to allow tcp connection.

Save and exit.

Next, from the main menu, go to CLI commands, then choose core reload from the sub menu.

You can do this from the server (if you do not have simpleTrunk) through the following commands:

$ sudo asterisk -rvv

$ core reload

And now, asterisk has been setup successfully.